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By taking some simple and common sense precautions at work, accidents can be eliminated. WorkplaceSafetyAdvice shows you how to take care of yourself and others at work. It outlines your legal responsibility and offers advice on topics such as fire safety, electricity, using chemicals, manual handling and working with equipment.
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Avoiding Accidents
Avoiding Accidents: Working At Height, Falls From Vehicles, Electrical Safety - Overhead...
Health Issues
Health Issues: Coping With Workplace Stress, Infections at Work, What to Expect When...
High Risk Workplaces
High Risk Workplaces: Safety When Working in Mines, Construction Site...
HR Matters
HR Matters: Workplace Harassment, Dealing with Employee Theft, Business...
Safe Environment
Safe Environment: Safety When Working with Glass, Have Your Electrical Items Been PAT...
Transport: Operating Load Equipment, Running a School Trip - Safety Issues,...
Work Safety Law
Work Safety Law: Expectant Mothers in the Workplace, Do You Have the Correct Fire...
Work with Substances
Work with Substances: Working With Biocides, Working With Explosives,...
Working with People
Working with People: Staying Safe When Working in the Community, How...
Latest Comments
  • Bishop
    Re: How Many Breaks am I Entitled to?
    So if you work 6hrs 15 minutes are you entitled to a 20 minute break?
    26 March 2017
  • WorkplaceSafetyAdvice
    Re: Forklift Truck Safety
    Kel - Your Question:Can I wear headphones in a workplace where there is a forklift in use?Our Response
    24 March 2017
  • Kel
    Re: Forklift Truck Safety
    Can I wear headphones in a workplace where there is a forklift in use?
    23 March 2017
  • Emj
    Re: Dealing with Employee Theft
    Last month got caught stealing £30 on cctv out till although admired on record it was over time about £80. Handed my notice is as…
    21 March 2017
  • Emj
    Re: Dealing with Employee Theft
    I got caught on cctv stealing £30 out the till at work, although it has probably been about £80. I admitted it was to pay off my…
    21 March 2017
  • Rafters
    Re: Forklift Truck Safety
    About 2 years ago i had an accident for the second time using a forklift, involving the glass window on the back both times and my manager…
    21 March 2017
  • Super01
    Re: Forklift Truck Safety
    Hi there. I'm a shop floor supervisor in a distribution warehouse. I recently moved an MHE truck a short way across the warehouse, I have…
    21 March 2017
  • Helen
    Re: Dealing with Employee Theft
    I had a phone call from.the bosses sister saying she had a letter for wasn't hand delivered. Accusing me of theft. As when I…
    20 March 2017
  • Jay
    Re: Dealing with Employee Theft
    Hi. I have been accused of stealing food from the teachers lounge at work. The food was soon to expire and the staff always throws…
    19 March 2017
  • Irene
    Re: Risk Assessment in the Workplace
    Hi, I work in catering and when closing the shift, I am expected to fill with water several basins (that during the day keep…
    19 March 2017
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