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By taking some simple and common sense precautions at work, accidents can be eliminated. WorkplaceSafetyAdvice shows you how to take care of yourself and others at work. It outlines your legal responsibility and offers advice on topics such as fire safety, electricity, using chemicals, manual handling and working with equipment.
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Avoiding Accidents
Avoiding Accidents: Working At Height, Falls From Vehicles, Electrical Safety - Overhead...
Health Issues
Health Issues: Coping With Workplace Stress, Infections at Work, What to Expect When...
High Risk Workplaces
High Risk Workplaces: Safety When Working in Mines, Construction Site...
HR Matters
HR Matters: Workplace Harassment, Dealing with Employee Theft, Business...
Safe Environment
Safe Environment: Safety When Working with Glass, Have Your Electrical Items Been PAT...
Transport: Operating Load Equipment, Running a School Trip - Safety Issues,...
Work Safety Law
Work Safety Law: Expectant Mothers in the Workplace, Do You Have the Correct Fire...
Work with Substances
Work with Substances: Working With Biocides, Working With Explosives,...
Working with People
Working with People: Staying Safe When Working in the Community, How...
Latest Comments
  • Gary
    Re: Oil Rig Safety
    @mich - I'm sure they can, they aren't cut off from communication when working out there. There will be a postal service via helicopter.
    20 May 2015
  • Jay
    Re: Expectant Mothers in the Workplace
    Hi, i am 7 months pregnant and my employer has given me a 8pm to 2 am possition working in an empty building to make sure…
    19 May 2015
  • coco
    Re: Working With Dust
    i work in a warehouse at night (2100hrs to 0500hrs). During the day at least 120 movements of diesal transit vans and lorries use the warehouse…
    19 May 2015
  • WorkplaceSafetyAdvice
    Re: Legal Minimum Temperature in a Warehouse?
    @Jim - I'm afraid not. Under the Working Time Directive which applies to most adult workers, you are entitled to…
    18 May 2015
  • mich
    Re: Oil Rig Safety
    Can staff on oil rigs send post off and receive it.
    17 May 2015
  • Jim
    Re: Legal Minimum Temperature in a Warehouse?
    I am a night shift worker and we were told by management years ago we were entitled to be paid for our tea breaks…
    14 May 2015
  • WorkplaceSafetyAdvice
    Re: How Many Breaks am I Entitled to?
    @6hr shift. Yes, as specified in the article, under the Working Time Directive which applies to most adult workers,…
    13 May 2015
  • WorkplaceSafetyAdvice
    Re: A Guide to Manual Handling and Lifting Techniques
    @Tiffin - I suggest you give Acas a call via the link here in order to see where you stand legally. I…
    13 May 2015
  • WorkplaceSafetyAdvice
    Re: Kitchen Workplace Safety
    @SY - I have included a link to the CAB leaflet herewhich tells you about what under-14s are allowed and
    12 May 2015
  • 6hr shift
    Re: How Many Breaks am I Entitled to?
    Hi I wondered if anyone could answer my question about working a 6 hour shift. My mother works a 6 hours shift, often from…
    12 May 2015
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